Concierge Design Services


One of our partners is based in Milano, and we can definitely design that European look kitchen or bathroom and procure all the materials from Italy. This service is unmatched in the US as our co-owner in Italy has a dedicated and experienced team that gets early access to many design houses' latest and hard to find handmade tile, one of a kind furniture pieces, custom designed and made cabinets, fixtures, faucets, sinks, hardware, tubs, upholstery, drapery and other items. Our team attends industry shows from Germany to Tokyo to meet emerging new designers in the  home fashion industry and can get you in front of the line to obtain that one off item. 

Unlike many interior designers you can find in every US city that carry certain brands considered high end in their showrooms, we know from experience that if you can find it in the next showroom, it's not unique.


NG Platinum Homes sets itself apart from other designers in Houston and Dallas area with our full-time, in house designer in Milano that can design your kitchen, bathroom or whole house with the latest designs and materials from Europe and even take you shopping there. This type of service is much more detailed than we can explain here. If you are interested in our Concierge Design and Procurement Services, please contact our lead designer Hande Amalfi in Milano at  This service will soon become a specialty design company under a different brand. To read more about Hande Amalfi's credentials click here