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Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve Got Questions - We’ve Got Answers

How much does it cost to remodel a house, kitchen/ bathroom in Houston?

Roughly $20-$100 per sqft is a good price point to start! Everything depends on your finishes! From grout to mortar to faucets you literally have hundreds of different choices! At NG Platinum Homes we will present you all the choices!

How long does it take to renovate a house in Houston!

Somewhere between 1-2 months should be sufficient for most renovations! At NG Platinum Homes we make sure there are no idle days during your renovation

Can you pull permits if required?

Absolutely, we have pulled hundreds of permits from many jurisdictions in and around Houston.

Can you build custom shelves and cabinets for my house?

Yes, we started as woodworkers, we do build custom cabinets even front doors from scratch from your choice of wood species!

Do you build ADA compliant roll in showers?

We are your Houston roll in shower specialists, so many were built over the years! 

Do you assign a project manager for each project?

Yes we do, depending on the scope of work we will assign the right project manager and he/she will be at the jobsite overseeing the work.

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes and yes, although some localities do not have a licensure for general contracting work, we are licensed where needed!