Who We Are

Nadine Gol has been renovating homes for a long time, beautiful homes with extreme attention to detail.

We do things differently,

- We have employees and use subs only for certain licensed trades.

- We have a fully staffed front office, you can walk in or call Monday through Friday, reaching us is never a problem.

- Everyone in our company goes through random drug testing.  -

- We send daily emails with pictures and updates on your home's progress.

- We have a no dust policy, we cover beds, couches and other items that may get dirty. Your home's floors are covered to prevent accidents!

- We refrain from using certain products that contain questionable chemicals such as methylene chloride which was recently banned but still in wide circulation and a known carcinogen!

- We do not use imported drywall sold in certain stores around Houston for much cheaper prices than American made drywall

- We stay away from carcinogen formaldehyde containing certain MFCs

- We make all of our own cabinets from wood that we pick ourselves, no 3rd party contractor to build cabinets from Home Depot wood.

- We use state of the art German machinery that no other remodeler in Houston has. Our cabinets, vanities and closets are incredibly accurate and millimetrically precise. The machinery we use does not clamp wood, material is never pressed. Non clamping vertical computerized numerical control routers are unicorns of woodworking equipment and we use one right here in Houston. 

NG Platinum Homes is a full service remodeler/renovator dedicated to building and improving residential and commercial structures according to client needs and desires. Based in Houston Texas, our team of professionals are ready to bring your dreams to reality.

Modern Kitchen
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